Night Photography at Crisologo Street

Night Photography (w/o flash) Tips:

1. To prevent blurring, use Tripod to hold the camera steady.
2. Choose the AV mode and keep the aperture fully openor you can experiment with the aperture's settings.
3. Choose, TV mode and set your shutter speed as BULB or B.
4. You can experiment with the AEB (Auto exposure Bracketing ), Eliminates the time- consuming task of searching for optimal exposure.

I did not actually apply those tips since the first requirement is to have a tripod and I don't have a tripod when I took these photos. :-)

Cordillera Inn

Along the street are hotels, souvenir, antique, and furniture shops. I'm not sure why they have a funeral parlor there.

Calle Crisologo is our last stop after having our dinner from villa angela . My whole Ilocos trip experience was fun and tiring, as a 'newbee' in photography ilocos is a great place to explore with your camere. The etinerary was overwhelming for a budget of 4,500 pesos the trip was possible it was sponsored by Travel Factor .

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