Photoholic Ilocos Itinerary

Day 1
St. Augustine Church of Bantay & Bell tower
Paoay Church
Cape Bojeador’s Lighthouse, Burgos
Capurpurawan Rock, Burgos
Sunset Shoot at Bangui Windmills
Check in at Polaris Beach,Pagudpud
Trek to Kabigan Falls
Maira-ira Blue Lagoon (beach bumming)
Patapat Bridge & Agua Grande, Pagudpud
Buffet Dinner @ Villa Angela
Night Shoot at Crisologo Street, Vigan

My whole Ilocos trip experience was fun and tiring, the itinerary was overwhelming for a budget of 4,500 pesos, the trip was made possible by TF .
As a 'newbie' in photography Ilocos is a great place to explore with your camera, wherein every spot, the subject is unlimited.

Catch from Bulan Sorsogon

Photos were taken from my point and shot Canon Camera last May 2007.

Location: Barrios of Bulan -Butag and
J. Gerona (Biton)

Butag kids looking for shells during low tide.

Boracay Activities

Beach Bumming

Wind sailing

Skim Boarding

Kite sailing

Banana Boat Ride

My random list of Boracay Activities:

Beach bumming
Skim Boarding
Wind Sailing (Paraw)
Island Hopping
Bar Hopping
Para sailing
Kite sailing
Wall climbing at Dmall
TrekkingBanana Boat ride
Flying fish
Massage/SPA services
Sunrise photography workshop (woaah i did not attend any workshops there, I'm planning to enroll soon here in Manila)
Jet ski
Shopping at Dmall

Enjoyed the Breakfast from Real coffee

Loved their refreshing fruit shake.

Night Photography at Crisologo Street

Night Photography (w/o flash) Tips:

1. To prevent blurring, use Tripod to hold the camera steady.
2. Choose the AV mode and keep the aperture fully openor you can experiment with the aperture's settings.
3. Choose, TV mode and set your shutter speed as BULB or B.
4. You can experiment with the AEB (Auto exposure Bracketing ), Eliminates the time- consuming task of searching for optimal exposure.

I did not actually apply those tips since the first requirement is to have a tripod and I don't have a tripod when I took these photos. :-)

Cordillera Inn

Along the street are hotels, souvenir, antique, and furniture shops. I'm not sure why they have a funeral parlor there.

Calle Crisologo is our last stop after having our dinner from villa angela . My whole Ilocos trip experience was fun and tiring, as a 'newbee' in photography ilocos is a great place to explore with your camere. The etinerary was overwhelming for a budget of 4,500 pesos the trip was possible it was sponsored by Travel Factor .

Paoy Church -National Heritage

Church of Paoy

Parish founded by Augustinian Missionaries, 1593. Cornerstone of church Laid, 1704; of convent 1707; of tower, 1793. Used before completion and kept in repair by the people under the joint auspices of the Church and the town officials. Inauguration ceremonies, 28 February 1896. Church damage by earthquake,1706 and 1927. Tower used as observation post by katipuneros during the revolution by Guerrilleros during the Japanese Occupation.

Coron Palawan 2006

Kabigan Falls Trek

Location: Baranggay Balaoi in the Pagudpud town of Ilocos Norte.

80 ft tall

On our way to kabigan falls we spotted Ilocanos cutting trees. Nah It's not illegal logging. As our tour guide told us - they were just cleaning up the site. oh yes! that includes cutting trees.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Pagudpod Beach

We stayed at Polaris Beach house, the resort is simple and inexpensive. All rooms have A/C and bathroom. I love the food especially 'pinakbet' and 'longanisa' .

Capurpurawan Rocks - Ilocos

I'm so not attached to things, I can take a backpack and fly... how I wish I can fly. tsk!

Photos were taken between 2- 4pm, the sun was too bright - and as a 'newbie' on photography it was a struggle to get the correct exposure .
It's disappointing when the colors in the pictures look different from the actual colors.

Boracay 2008 sunset

Bangui Bay Windmills

Wind Power generators of the Philippines

Location: Bangui Bay, Ilocos Norte