subject and the photographer

sunburn - Boracay

Bungee Jump

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre 338m
Architect : Gordon Moller 
Year: 2001

Macau -Hong Kong Itinerary


Day 0, arrival at Macau; check in to Sintra Hotel; visit the Casinos(hotel is walking distance from casinos)
Day 1,
Town Square
Largo De Senado
Ruins of St. Paul
A-Ma Temple
Grand Prix Museum
Guia Fortress

Day 2
Macau Tower (where you can bungee jump, Mast Climb, Skywalk, Skyjump)
Fisherman’s Wharf
Venetian Hotel

Day 3,  Shopping
An hour ferry ride to Hong Kong

Arrival at Hong Kong
Day 3 ,Symphony of Lights, The Peak
Day 4,  Disneyland
Day 5, Big Buddha, shopping 
Day 6, Back to Manila


The city of lights


Spotted yellow hibiscus from Disney Hong Kong


It's easy to die...


I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. And this is like my little window to the world… and every minute’s a different show. I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I’ll tell you what I’ve accepted: just sort of glide along. You want to keep things on an even key, this is what I’m saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. It saves on introductions and goodbyes. The ride does not require explanation - just occupance. - Waking Life

Mt. Luho sunrise

Edsa at night

 Here's my first bokeh attempt.

The Bassist

Nathan Azarcon

Fisherman's Wharf


"Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?"

Hong Kong International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Tax Free shops at Kowloon

Nikon vs Canon

Fireworks - Hong Kong Disney Land


Connects the Macau Peninsula to Taipa Island.

"Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.”


 Offerings to Tian Tan Buddha