Busuanga airport

Flight Itinerary
5J 529 l MANILA-BUSUANGA l Saturday, Mar 28, 2009 l Depart 0905H Arrive 1005H«»
5J 530 l BUSUANGA-MANILA l Wednesday, Apr 1, 2009 l Depart 1025H Arrive 1125H«»

Skeleton Wreck

A nice beach near the skeleton wreck.

The wreck was deep and creepy, we ask the boatman to dive in and take a picture of it. I got these photo from Lui's sony
cybershot dsc-L1 camera, it's not an underwater camera but it was sealed inside dicapac.

The man in yellow shirt, in a yellow boat is an irresistible subject! I 'm secretly aiming my camera on him but noticed that He's looking at me, I felt nervous and shy so I suddenly hide my camera right after clicking the shutter. In return I got this photo blurred.tsk!

View from Mt. Tapyas

Take a hike
It took us 735 steps to reach the summit of mt. tapyas. Sweaty and exhausted, we were rewarded by a breathtaking view!.

Stairway down Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas peak

The Gazebo

91 Beach

Instead of going to CYC, we headed to this beach. A 3-minute boat ride from skeleton wreck.

Around coron island

The entrance to Kayangan Lake

Barracuda Lake

Maynuno Beach, Coron Island and its surrounding water is Ancestral Domain of the indigenous Tagbanwa people and is covered by the Indigenous Peoples Right Act (RA.8371 of 1992)

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake, Coron Island and its sorrounding waters is an Ancestral Domain of the indigenous Tagbanua people and is covered by the Indigenous People Rights Act (RA 8371 of 1992)

Bulog Dos Island

Third and last stop.

Banana Island

Second stop - Banana Island More or less than 30 minutes travel by boat from Malcapuya. I can't remember exactly but it's not that far. I think you can stay for an overnight in this island I've seen a tent and bahay kubo on the island. You can also rent a kayak for a 150 per hour and explore the nearby islands.

The bananas

The mangrove

The orange boat

Hundred Islands -Pangasinan

Hundred Islands - Pangasinan

Malcapuya Island

First stop from 1 hour and 20 minutes boat ride from the town of coron, palawan.
The sand is as crystal-white and refined of the sand from Boracay.

It's a remote island, doesn't have electricity or potable water, so our boatman were equipped with the things we might need while we stay at the island.

It was 12 noon and I'm almost blinded by the bright sun- thank God i have my sunglasses with me.

View from the cliff

Classic shot of a beach. I like the angle though every time I go the beach I make sure i have this angle shot.

When i took this photo my focus was on the cactus i did not noticed the yellow flag behind it! but i actually like this shot.